German Luftwaffe Visit Bwlchgwyn 

Many thanks to Gwenda Lewis for allowing us to reproduce her story within webpages....
Gwenda Lewis was evacuated to Bwlchgwyn near Wrexham from London during the war. She wrote a letter to her father describing her experiences...

I was almost seven when I wrote this letter. We stayed in the village from 1939 to 1943 but we didn't return to London until 1947 because our house in Hampstead was bombed in the Blitz. Thought we were escaping the London bombing but were bombed in Bwlchgwyn just the same. I have a letter describing a raid which I sent to my father in London. So pleased he kept it!

October 28 1940
Dear Daddy,
Last night a German plane was up, and the wireless was on so we did not hear it, and all of a sudden we heard BANG! BOOM! THUD! I was afraid at first, until mummy said God would protect us. Two bombs fell in the field in front of Brythonfa, and Nebo's windows have got a few small holes.

David looked white when he heard the bombs, and jumped into mummy's bed. I said to mummy if Jerry touched me I would go to Germany and tell Hitler not to bomb Bwlchgwyn because he makes me frightened.

Thank you for the pocket money, I must not forget that. Our school has closed because of the measles and whooping cough. We are colouring a book for you to look at, Mummy, David and I. Mummy bought me this pad, so I wanted to write a long letter to you.

I have a very bad cold.

from Gwenda

Gwenda Lewis

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